21 April 2019

Outboard support

Finally I have finally installed the upgradet engine support. Now cavitation should no longer be an issue.


19 April 2019


Wind SW @ 10 kN; Seas 1

Another perfect day for training with the gen. Rig works smoothly…

6 April 2019

Gennaker easy session

Wind SE @ 8 kN; Seas 1

Light wind, perfect for some exercise with the gen. Preparing for stronger winds




9 February 2019

An other winter session

Wind E @ 18kN; Seas 3-4

Cloudy day, but overall nice conditions. Boats works just fine…engine support is not that good. Cavitation problems, with waves and strong winds not so nice.



3 January 2019

Winter session

Wind N @ 15kN; Seas 1-2

Beautiful day in Genoa, 12°C and 15-20Kn of wind…sailed 17 Nm topped 6.9 Kn…

2 January 2019

Solar panels

Here is the finalized solar panel support. FULL CARBON as usual 😉 plus 70 Watts to chill the beers

1 September 2018

Quick morning session beaufort 4

Left the harbor at 7 o’clock…predicted wind 15 to 20 kn. Nice little surfs downwind…did not use the Gen. Top speed 8kn..


8 September 2018

Testing the gen

Light wind in Genoa 4-6 Kn, new bowsprit rigging…finally working smoothly. So much fun the gen 😎

23 June 2018

Heading home at sunset

After chilling at Cogoleto beach a litle gen and some engine…

Bowsprit rig snapped, a little to weak…

20 May 2018

Captain Ariell on the surf

Awesome day in Genoa, beaufort 4/5, top speed 9.4 Kn

13 May 2018

Sailing tes day 1

Lets sail!! Not such a sunny day, but the company was out of this world!! 10 Nm, everything seem to work fine.


12 May 2018

Test day

Heading for the first test. Checking the rudders and engine support. The Harbor is huge!!

5 May 2018

Mast is up

Boat had been fixed, mast is up rigging ok…time to go sailing 🙂 🙂


16 February 2018

On the way to Genoa

The mast is finally heading Genoa to get back together with TI WAY.


12 December 2017

Facing a strong gale

Sadly the stress of the moring line tear apart the transom


1st August 2017

Looking good 😉


15 July 2017

Let’s go

We are in Genoa!! But we are not in the water, due to problems placing the keel in the correct position I had to postpone the launch…29 i going to be the day…

14 July 2017

Ready for a road trip

After a year of hard work TI WAY is finally ready to be transferred to her new home base!!!

14 January 2017

TI WAY find home

After a couple of months of intense search, TI WAY have finally found a nice harbor in Genova (Italy). Transfer to the harbor is planned for the end of April, hopefully work will be fully completed. Cant wait to sail in the Mediterranean sea.