From a “cruiser” to a racer

Evolution of a Corsair Marine F28 CCR

The Corsair Marine F28 CCR is already a racer!! What I am trying to do is just to give her a more aggressive look, save some weight and set up a full racing rig. Later on I am planning to introduce foils on the amas, and piercing wave bows..2025..

For now I will keep it simple…

January 2021

Converting wooden parts to carbon fiber

I have started from the simpler parts. I’ve toked all the wooden parts inside the boat and converted them to carbon fiber sandwich parts. Tables, covers, panels, etcetera…for this few parts I would expect an overall weight lost of 6-7 Kg.

Dining Table just above 3 Kg

Various interior panels

Lets see how they fit

Control panel

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